My name is Lilia Kim.

I am a Fitness expert and Nutritionist, Crystal Therapy practitioner, Feng Shui consultant, trainer and master of Akasha-method, Akara numerologist, happy women, wife and a mother.

My main goal in life is to easily control and create my reality rather then just go with a flow. I've got useful recommendations and advises for anyone who wish to control and influence their life. This methods are very inspiring and motivating for a better living. I am very sure that my tools will be useful for you!

My passion for sports and my strong desire to help my clients pushed me to continue my education and to create programs that will suit the individual need of my clients.

At the moment, i focus on Nutrition education to provide complex services. Because it is the best way to get permanent result and change a client’s lifestyle.

Right now, I’m independent personal trainer, Nutritionist, and working with VIP clients. I love what I’m doing so much. My wish is be able to spread my knowledge and experience to people around the world through the internet, and I hope to help as much as I can.



If it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t change you

Working with me as your personal trainer will not only help you learn how to exercise properly to reach your goals, but you will get far better and faster results with someone to maximise your training efforts.


I put theory into practice working on myself

Sceptical of salespeople who talk wonders about the products they are selling but don’t use themselves? Good, I am too! I believe a personal trainer should look, surprisingly enough, like he actually implements his own advice on himself and not just have studied the theory behind physical exercise in a classroom. How can you realise other peoples full potential if you don’t start with yourself and draw on your own experiences to teach others?


I am passionate about what I do

Delivering high quality, individualised, result based training to a broad and diverse range of clients from weight loss transformations to packing on as much muscle as possible and everything in-between. I am equally focused on helping people to achieve a better appreciation of fitness and a healthy lifestyle through a combination of personalised exercise programs and nutritional advice. I live for results and helping others to reach their full potential.

Below the list of courses that I passed:

Fitness Group Instructor by ACE( 1998,2002),

The Yoga Connection (2002),

Shallow Water Aquatic fitness (2003),

Schwin cycling certified coach (2004, 2007),

Specialising in Personal Training Program Design (2005),

Prenatal and Postpartum exercise Design (2005),

Pilates (2006),

Practical Yoga for Personal Training, Exercise and Diabetes(2009),

Winning Sport Nutrition continue education program and certified nutrition adviser,

Precision Nutrition course "General nutritional suggestions for healthy, active individuals".

All of them aim me provide great service for large population of people with variouse goals.