When calculating according to Akara-numerology we can see all of our strong and weak aspects and what we need to work on in order to eliminate negative vibrations. Remember that high vibrations makes all your dreams and desires come true quick and easy!

Numerology is a way to instantly obtain a solid and totally objective picture of personality: there can not be any "interference" for obtaining information as the date of birth were chosen by our souls!

What AKARA-NUMEROLOGY ADVVANCED consultation gives you?

Akara-numerology (tantric astrology) — simple and very effective tool for knowing yourself and others. The purpose of consultation is to see and understand your abilities and potential for getting a possibility to live a happy and fully realised life. The advanced akara-numerology is a wider view to the interpretation of numerological map and an expanded vision of the human essence; special numbers (17, 13, 22).

Basic Numbers:

The number of the Soul — Your relationship with yourself and the information on what can hinder harmony within yourself
The number of Fate (Karma) — Your relationship with others and obstacles for the most complete expression of man in the external world
The number of Gift and Destiny — Your resources, Your unique talents and strengths
Path — the Destiny of the Soul, talents and qualities that person works on during this life.

Advanced Number:

The number of Asset - is about the main resource of a person
The number of Balance - tells how to achieve balance in life, moving towards its destination
The number of Projection - what we radiate and translate into the world
The number of Fundament - it is support for our realization in the world; help to realize in life the number of Projections
The number of Strength - demonstrates the strength of a person. How person moves through the life path depends on how well they use their strength
The number of Life Purpose - demonstrates where the soul wants to get. Describes our final destination

The number of the Heart - describes the inner motivation of the soul, its sensory aspect, internal needs.