Benefits of R Alpha Lipoic Acid

R-alpha lipoic acid is a vitamin – like chemical often refers to as an antioxidant that insoluble both in water and fats.

This antioxidant is very useful to human body since its can access or move to all parts of the cell where they can trap free radicals, for instance the free radical damage that causes aging. R-alpha lipoic acid, one of the few substances that play a significant role in human health. This is because they can actually pass across the brain barrier and even the blood and go directly to the site required. As such, supplementation of ALA can lead to increase level of glutathione, which helps the body to excrete off the toxins. In addition glutathione re-energize vitamin C and E as well as co-enzyme Q-10. The glutathione often protect the brain from free radical damage since low level of glutathione is associated with brain disorders such as dementia and stroke. In addition, r alpha lipoic acidcannot be lost forever once it has eliminated a free radical. As such, it has a unique ability to regenerate or to recycle itself, so that they
can continue to eliminate free radical. R-alpha lipoic acid occur naturally in the body and can also be found in certain food, that synthesize in small amount by plant and animal including humans. The endogenously synthesize r-alpha lipoic acid is bonded covalently to the specific protein that function as co-factors especially in mitochondrial enzyme complexes.

There are several benefits that humans get from r alpha lipoic acid. It is used for diabetes as well as nerve-related symptoms of diabetes that involve burning, pain and numbness both in the legs and the arms. This is because they speed up the removal of sugar, glucose from the blood. On the other hand, some people use alpha lipoic acid for chronic fatigue syndrome, loss memory, liver diseases and also diseases associated with heart and blood vessels. It is also recommended for people suffering from HIV/AIDS since recent studies suggested that alpha lipoic acid bolsters the antioxidant defenses in HIV-positive people. Furthermore, this antioxidant is also use to treat eye-related disorders, for instance, damage retina and also eye diseases. This antioxidant seems to help to restore vitamin E and C in the body. It also helps to prevent certain kinds of cell damage that are of great important to body metabolism and other body function. They also play crucial role in breakdown of carbohydrate as well as making energy required by other body organs. They also improve the function and conduction of neurons in diabetes.

Using alpha lipoic acid for weight loss is recommended as part of a balanced diet and adequate physical fitness regimen. The antioxidant works by stimulating the body's ability to convert food into energy and is water soluble. While there are no current recommendations on the daily amounts of this supplement to take, certain individuals should be cautious about using it.

When using alpha lipoic acid for weight loss, a normal dosage amount would be anywhere from 20 to 50 milligrams (mg). Pregnant or nursing women should not take the supplement since its effects on developing infants are unknown. Likewise, individuals with kidney or liver troubles should refrain from taking it. Diabetics and those on thyroid medications are advised to check with a medical professional before taking ALA.

Alpha lipoic acid may help reduce appetite, increase an individual's energy, and stimulate the metabolism by regulating insulin levels. It can help prevent weight gain, but should not be relied upon as a sole source of weight loss support. It is still important to decrease caloric intake and increase physical activity. Using ALA is not guaranteed to produce any visible results and instead usually ends up enhancing an individual's other weight loss efforts.

Alpha lipoic acid can be taken with other natural supplements to enhance a person's weight loss efforts. Some of those supplements include l-carnitine, DMAE and coenzyme Q-10. Most of these natural vitamins and substances work by reducing inflammation and regulating blood sugar levels. They can also help increase metabolism and muscle tone through physical activity.