Benefits of TRX Training

What is the TRX Suspension Trainer, and why should you care? The TRX ( ) is an entire gym in a bag, a set of non-stretch straps that can be hung from a door in your apartment, your gym’s pull-up bar or Smith machine bar, or a swing set bar outside, allowing you to work your chest, back, arms, legs, and abs. The TRX, invented by a Navy Seal, looks similar to gymnastics rings; however, the TRX has padded handles and foot cradles, which allow you to do a much wider variety of exercises. The TRX weighs next to nothing and is small enough to fit in your gym bag, purse, or briefcase. Training with the TRX has several unique benefits over other types of fitness equipment.


Unlike most machine exercises, many TRX exercises are in 3D. Most gym machines are in the sagittal plane, which means you only move forward and back (bicep curl machine, a leg extension machine, a treadmill). In real life, your body moves in all three planes: forward and back, side to side (frontal plane), and rotation (transverse plane). Because the TRX allows you complete freedom of movement, you can do BOTH traditional strength training/single-plane movements AND multi-planar/3D functional training.