Cardio equipment

  • Benefits of Treadmill Exercise

    By Jae Allen

    Treadmills provide versatile, indoor exercise options which can provide a venue for either running or walking. Most treadmills measure your speed and distance as you work out, which can increase your motivation and efficiency in exercising. Treadmills are also a suitable form of exercise if you are recovering from a physical injury, as the ability to use hand rails while walking on a smooth surface may enable you to exercise when you couldn't do so outdoors. The health benefits of treadmill use are wide-ranging.


    As with any form of aerobic exercise, running on a treadmill has cardiovascular benefits. The action of treadmill running requires you to repeatedly move the major muscles in your legs, hips and arms. In response to this physical effort, your breathing and heart rate increase, and blood flow increases between your lungs and muscles.

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    New year, new clients. New health and fitness goals, and the opportunity to incorporate some new equipment into your training sessions. Expand your fitness arsenal in 2015 with these 10 tools that top trainers swear by.

  • What You Need to Know to Purchase a Treadmill

  • Elliptical Unit

    Elliptical trainers are still relatively new to exercise enthusiasts, but their benefits over other fitness equipment are contributing to their outstanding growth. These machines continue to gain in popularity and may even surpass the ever-popular treadmill someday!

    Could the benefits of an elliptical trainer have something to do with this rise in popularity? Could it be that this particular device is worth looking into, if you haven't done so already?

    What Makes an Elliptical Unit So Good?

    Let's just say, for example, that you lead a very busy lifestyle! Squeezing in sufficient time for exercise is next to impossible. But, what if I told you that you could get an efficient workout in less time on an elliptical exercise machine?

  • Fitness Benefits of Biking

    Tied into the joy of biking are the fitness benefits of biking. Obesity is becoming a huge crisis in the United States and more than 40 percent of Americans are overweight. To combat the growing health crisis caused by obesity and being overweight doctors and other health experts are strongly encouraging people to rediscover the joys of physical activity. Since so many people are out of shape low impact exercises like biking are highly recommended for people who live sedentary or nearly sedentary lives as a way to get started on the path to fitness. Like any other physical activity there are different levels of biking that range from a simple bike ride to training for biking marathons but just like a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step the journey to fitness begins with a bike ride around the block.

  • Exercise Stepper Benefits

    Once upon a time, stair steppers were the hottest thing in the gym. But their popularity faded

    along with that of skin-tight exercise gear. You're more likely to see a few steppers scattered in the cardio room instead of full banks of people furiously hustling away on stair steppers. But don't let that heavy coating of dust on the machine fool you; a stair stepper still provides a good workout if you use it right.


    Gyms provide two primary types of stair steppers. Regular stair steppers have two pedals that either move independently of each other or have dependent foot action, which requires you to press down on one pedal to raise the other one for the next step. Independent foot action provides a more challenging workout. The other type of stair stepper, the stepmill, resembles a short escalator. You walk up the stairs as the mini-escalator moves down beneath you.