Muscle shaping articles

  • How to Add Speed Training to Your Workout Routine

    Many people who don’t currently exercise are scared that working out might hurt them, when in fact It is life that will injure them if they don’t prepare for it by working out!

    There’s nothing wrong with lifting slowly at controlled speeds, but there’s also nothing wrong with lifting quickly. Here are some options to begin to do this:

    -Lift quickly, lower with control
    -Lift with control, lower quickly
    -Maximize acceleration (and deceleration)

    The first two are fairly straightforward and you can use them with many common weight-training exercises. In these two methods, “quickly” simply means explosively, but don’t let the word scare you (like “ballistic” did two decades ago). In the first two options, you’ll need to use lighter loads if you are using external loads (dumbbells, medicine balls, barbells, kettlebells, etc.). In most cases, you want to use a weight that allows you to perform about 20 reps.

  • Strengthen Your Core with This Ab Circuit Workout

    There is no magic exercise that will give you an hourglass figure or rock-hard, six-pack abs. There is, however, a combination of exercises that, when combined with a healthy diet and an adequate calorie-torching cardio routine, will trim your waist and allow those abs to peek through. Strengthening and tightening your oblique muscles can contribute to a smaller waist, stronger core and better shape to your entire midsection.

    General Guidelines

    -If your goal is to strengthen and tone your midsection, for weighted exercises, choose a weight that fatigues your muscles in about 12 to 20 repetitions. You don’t need to do 50 to 100 repetitions of abdominal exercises. Save time, improve strength and pick up a weight!
    -Train the abdominals two to three times per week on non-consecutive days. Like any other muscle group, they need rest and recovery to repair and become stronger.
    -Consult your doctor, especially with twisting and leg-lifting exercises if you have low back pain, as these exercises may be contraindicated.

  • Bikini Body Workout

    I have the secret to rocking a hot bikini body. This fat-burning workout routine combines cardio and muscle-toning strength moves that will have you wearing nothing but a bikini in no time. Most women want a lifted booty, flat stomach and toned arms to feel sexy in a bikini. What they don’t realize, is that the key to improving those areas is actually that you have to work the entire body.

  • 20-minute Tabata Workout Options

    The idea of getting a full-body workout in just four short minutes has made Tabata-style training hugely popular. What originally began as a high-intensity, interval-training protocol performed on a cycling ergometer by Japanese Olympic speed skaters has now morphed into Tabata-inspired workouts that combine everything from plyometrics to traditional resistance-training exercises. Regardless of the types of equipment or exercises used, these workouts feature the same format of eight cycles of 20 seconds of high-intensity work followed by 10 seconds of rest.

    ACE recently sponsored a study at the University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse that examined the true calorie burning potential of a 20-minute Tabata-inspired total-body workout. Participants burned, on average, 15 kcals burned per minute, confirming that full-body Tabata-style workouts can go a long way toward enhancing health and facilitating weight loss.

  • Core exercises

    Here are some of my favorite core exercises:

    To improve core stability, these exercises could either be done on their own, or used as a part of an integrated warm-up.


  • 7 Exercises to Enhance Your Quality of Life

    Most people understand that regular exercise can help improve both the way you look and your overall health. But did you know that exercise can vastly improve the quality of your life by giving you the strength and confidence to do what you want to do when you want to do it?

    The right exercises can give you the skill, coordination and strength to help you move more efficiently, which can greatly reduce a number of soft-tissue injuries related to poor movement quality. Plus, exercises that involve a number of muscles at the same time burn more energy during the work out. Finally, the right exercise selection can increase your lean muscle mass, which can improve your metabolism, helping you to burn more calories while at rest. The following list of exercises not only provide aesthetic benefits, but can greatly improve your overall strength and movement skill, which will go a long way toward improving your quality of life.

  • Get a Full-Body Workout with Rubber Tubing and Bands

    Rubberized tubing and bands are some of the most versatile pieces of equipment out there today. Much like TRX straps, a pair of sliders, or your own bodyweight, they are all you need for an effective and efficient full-body workout.

    Tubing and bands are great tools to help with multiple goals:

    -Strength training
    -Power work
    -Endurance training
    -Rehabilitation movements
    -Flexibility exercises

  • BSB Work out Program