• Tonal in CLA Review - CLA Benefits and CLA Side Effects

    Tonalin has been shown to have a host of health benefits. Take a look:

    • Helps promote fat loss and lean mass gain - improving fat and lean mass ratio
    • Increases energy expenditure and help with fat loss
    • CLA has proven cancer fighting abilities
    • Studies suggest that CLA can help prevent Atherosclerosis (hardening of your arteries due to build up of fatty deposits along the artery walls.)
    • It also plays a role in treating Diabetes
    • It helps to enhance and improve your immune system
    • CLA acts as a powerful anti-oxidant (keeps the free radicals in check)
    • Conjugated linoleic acid also helps to improve cholesterol levels.
    • Some studies have also found it to help achieve region specific fat loss (abdominal fat)
  • The Benefits of Whey Protein

    Athletes, bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts alike can all enjoy the benefits of whey protein. Whether you are looking to gain muscle or are following a strict reduced calorie diet, few nutritional supplements match the power and potential of whey protein. Just a couple of scoops per day help people from all walks of life promote adequate nutrition and optimal health. But what makes whey protein the cream of the crop when it comes to nutritional supplements? Well, it all starts with your goals.

    Goal: Muscle Building

    Whey protein is an excellent supplemental addition to any workout and nutrition plan designed to improve body composition and build strength.*

  • High Protein Drinks - Carbohydrate Answers

    Are you attempting to reduce your weight? If you are, it is necessary to observe closely what food you are eating. Your diet may alter, but that depend on where you are at having your weight control program.

    For instance, if you're only beginning out, your main objective is to develop lean muscle mass as quickly as you can with the help of high protein drinks. It is also necessary to undergo in a period of resistance preparation. When a person is trained intensely, it requires proteins to assure that muscle grow and repair rapidly.

  • Vitamins - Skin Care Vitamins and Antioxidants

    You probably already know the three surest ways to ensure youthful skin: Protect your skin from the sun, don't smoke, and eat a healthy diet.

    In addition, a variety of vitamins and antioxidants may also improve the health and quality of your skin. Here are a few of the most effective ones:

    Vitamins C and E and Selenium for Your Skin

    Research has found that vitamins C and E, as well as selenium, can help protect the skin against sun damage and skin cancer. And they may actually reverse some of the discoloration and wrinkles associated with aging. These antioxidants work by speeding up the skin's natural repair systems and by directly inhibiting further damage, says Karen E. Burke, MD, PhD, of the Mount Sinai School of Medicine's department of dermatology.

  • Supplements - Femi - pause

    What is menopause?

    Menopause is a natural event in a woman’s life that designates the end of her childbear years.

    How do I know that I’m menopausing?

    Since peri-menopause( years immediately before menopause) & post-menopause( after menopause) is when menopause-related changes typically occurs, it is easy to know if you are approaching menopause or not. These common signs of menopause are:

  • Supplement - FB FAT BURNER

    Weight management formula for fat loss by nutritionally complete approach

  • Vitamins - Aqua Plus® Omega-3 Fish Oil 1000mg

    Fish Oil made of cold water fish such as tuna, mackerel & anchovy

  • Supplements - Green Superfood Drinks

    From green drink powder to those little, refrigerated pre-made superfood drinks you can grab at your local market, going green with superfoods has been all the rage for years, qualifying green superfood as more than just a fad.

    That's right, concentrated green superfoods found in green superfood drinks are the real deal when it comes to nutritional health