Feng Shui Audit


Classical Feng Shui is very different from the Western variety, which is frequently a simplified, watered down version which suits Western perceptions of what Feng Shui really is.Classical Feng Shui methods and their practical applications are based on very sophisticated calculations. For residential properties, Classical Feng Shui focus mainly on remedies for key areas of the house, such as the main door, the bedroom, the kitchen and the study room. In an office or commercial context, the focus is on the offices of the CEO and senior managers, the main door, and the reception area. In all cases, the goal is to re-orientate the space in order to tap into the most beneficial Qi available. When practiced and applied correctly, Feng Shui is an excellent tool to facilitate success in daily life, create a healthy environment in which all occupants of a house or a company can thrive, and bring forth beneficial career opportunities.

Feng Shui Audit

Literally translating as wind-water from Chinese, Feng Shui has been practiced for at least 1700 years in Asia before becoming popular in the West in the 1980s. In Asia, and in particular in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan, Feng Shui principles play an important role when designing an office or commercial space. The “How” and “Why” of Feng Shui usually remains a complete mystery to foreigners who work in Asia, and is very often just dismissed as superstition or pseudo-science. When practiced correctly and according to the classical and authentic Feng Shui principles, however, Feng Shui has much more to do with common sense and sustainability than we might suspect at first glance.

An experienced Feng Shui Master will not only take the inside of your place into account, but will also look at the external environment, the neighboring buildings, the particular shape and type of your place building, the nature of the industry your place is built, etc. before making any recommendations. This makes Feng Shui not only very versatile, but also highly customizable.

Details required for Online Feng Shui Consultation:

  • Full name and detailed address
  • Birth dates of ALL residents
  • Digital floor plan (drawn by hand is also fine, but it must be to approx. to scale)
  • Month & year the buildings construction was finished
  • Specific goal/objective the client wants to work on
Please Note: Although the onsite consultation is only a few hours (2-3) the actual and details of calculations and drafting a report will amount up to 20 hours of work time per client.