Flexibility equipment

  • Yoga-Paws

    Manufacturer Description

    According to the manufacturer, Yoga-Paws are patented grips that fit over your hands and feet in order to provide the practitioner with complete control while performing yoga and Pilates exercises. The revolutionary design provides solid support, extra padding, and non-slip peace of mind, and with its convenience size, Yoga-Paws can easily fit inside your purse, pocket, or bag making them ideal for travel- no mat required!

    Expert Review

    The purpose of Yoga-Paws is to provide yoga and Pilates practitioners with more control and stability when performing Pilates exercises and yoga postures. These portable hand and foot coverings provide additional cushioning along with a non-skid surface to enhance one’s practice, ensuring both comfort and safety.

    To evaluate the effectiveness of this product, the Yoga-Paws were worn during a heated vinyasa style yoga class. The hand and foot covers were relatively easy to slip on before class, and overall were a very comfortable fit, as the product is available in different sizes, and sizing information is provided on the company’s website to help individual’s identify the correct size glove.