Magic of Numbers

Do you know about possibility of Numbers to accelerate or slow down events happening around us? To multiply luck and love? To reduce troubles?
Do you believe me?
Try it yourself!

Accelerating – slowing down

If you need to speed up one or another process (for example, you are late for work and stack in the traffic or no money left in your purse and there is a delay in salary payment), ❗️Repeat as often as possible: "Twenty". 2 Multiplies your efforts, and 0 will negate the force of counteraction.
If you, on the contrary, need to slow down one or another process, ❗️Repeat: "Four". 4 is the square, the most stable figure. It has a power to delay and slow down the action. In addition, the square has all sides equal, so the same thing-stability and slowdown from any side.

➕ pluses or ➖ minuses

If you need to add something (money in a purse or number of fans), imagine this and repeat: "seven plus one.

7 - Number of mysterious activity,
1 - is the number of purpose and energy, and 8 (7 + 1) is an infinity.

If you need to decrease something (for example own weight), imagine Yourself Slim and repeat: "Ten minus one". But in this case, be ready for change: 10 - 1 = 9, and 9 is the number of change.

Happiness and times

If you miss happiness or good luck, repeat: "Twenty - one”.

If you are short of time, repeat: "Ninety - one”. 9 - change, one is the fastest number. Besides, one - the beginning, nine - the end, that is the full time - cycle coverage. So it turns out that 911 is not an instant. The magicians know that 911 is also the number of the universe office - the one where all the time is spent.