My team

Ilia Roumiantsev

Title: Feng Shui Consultant

Holistic Approaches Include: Feng Shui & Chinese Metaphysics

Services Offered: Consultations for Commercial & Residential Properties

Languages Spoken: English & Russian

Nationality: Russian

About Ilia:

Ilia Roumiantsev is a Classical Feng Shui Consultant. Ilia has spent 20 years in UAE. In the moment, he has his one business in modeling industry almost 5 years before deciding to follow his interest to become a Feng Shui consultant.

He did study a Classical Feng Shui course in Sussane Schutz programs. She graduated by Grandmaster “Dato” Joey Yap in Kuala Lumpur Mastery Academy for Chinese Metaphysics with a degree in Classical Feng Shui. Ilia is one of her first students in UAE. In 2016, he completed a Feng Shui course for residential and commercial projects, and city planners.

He is passionate about bringing the true spirit of Feng Shui into a modern context.