Spiritual Response Therapy

What is Spiritual Response Therapy?

We are spiritual beings clothed in a physical body and we are privileged to be here on the Earth plane to learn lessons and to deal with challenges that can only be handled in the physical realms.
We need to understand that we are here for the growth of our soul and that some of the lessons we need to learn may be difficult. The soul accumulates positive and negative energies from the time of its creation. These energies come with us in every incarnation and the negative ones can impinge very largely on our lives, often blocking us from receiving our greatest good, health, wealth, happiness, etc. In previous lifetimes we have all been rich, poor, black, white, murderers, murdered, abusers, in holy orders - all manner of things - so that our soul can learn lessons and grow.

Previous lives

In previous lives we may well have tried to surmount the same challenges as we face now but to no avail. We may then carry these lessons into our next life and try again to respond to the challenge. Unfortunately we are not always able to do this with ease. We make promises, pledges and vows and carry imprinted programming that can hold us back from achieving the greatness that we have the potential to become.
Taking holy orders as an example, we are quite likely to have taken numerous religious vows to prove our worthiness to God. For instance, we may have taken vows of poverty. These vows stay with us and are lodged in our subconscious mind and in our DNA. Every time we try to make money in this life we are blocked because our subconscious mind recollects the vows which have never been revoked. Since the subconscious mind is stronger than the conscious mind it effectively over-rules it and despite our best efforts we stay poor or continue to have difficulties in making or keeping money!

Get to the root of the problem with SRT

SRT can get to the very root of the problem. Using special charts and a pendulum, your practitioner finds the patterns of negative energy, whether in past, present or future lives and, through Higher Self, removes or "clears" this energy from your Akashic Records, releases pain and restores harmony. The effect of this work is amazingly profound. The negative energy you held on an event is cleared and this can produce amazing changes in your life.
Through SRT we can research and clear old vows, past life programming, repeat patterning etc and remove and clear the blocks. When soul records contain only positive energies you can move forward in all areas - still having to face life's challenges because your soul continues to learn and grow - but being able to deal with them much more easily.
Following a clearing and as consciousness begins to change, people can experience different things. Some feel euphoric, some very tired, some have a physical clearing and some feel nothing at all! However, all of these are normal reactions to a very powerful and wonderful process. Whatever you experience will be right for you. There is no "norm".
Please be assured that on a spiritual level all manner of things will have happened and that very soon you will begin to notice the effects of the clearing work, including increased focus and clarity, finding your voice, more energy, better health, better relationships, etc.

Brain restructuring/crystalline restructuring

The brain is an instrument of the physical body and the device you use to make conscious determinations as to what life is about and how to work with it. Everybody has some programming in the brain that can and usually does limit a full and complete harmonious expression of life. Restructuring is a way to uncover and change those patterns from ones that limit life to ones that promote life.
After SRT clearing has been achieved, it is possible to restructure the brain for further clarity and direction in your life. The soul is the mind of the body in every cell. When the soul attaches to the physical body, it downloads into the brain four negative statements based on past life energies and it is therefore important to clear past life energies before doing the restructuring. These four statements can cause dysfunction in the expression of a person's life and a system has been devised to replace them with positive ones.
Crystalline Restructuring deals with the negative statements lodged in the mental, emotional and physical bodies and turns these around into positive statements. Amazing changes can take place in a person's life when they have been restructured.

Ideomotor response

You may not be totally conversant with the ideomotor response and don't understand how a pendulum can be used to access the information required. Let me explain. An ideomotor response is a physical signal, such as the lifting of a finger or the batting of an eyelid, made by the subconscious in response to a direct question, bypassing the conscious mind. In Techniques of Hypnotherapy, LeCron specifically identifies the pendulum as a tool that can be used with the ideomotor response, without the need for hypnotherapy.

Using a pendulum

Using a pendulum, or "dowsing" as it is more usually called, is an ancient technique and works very simply. A weighted object is attached to a cord and using "yes"/"no" questions, the pendulum responds by accessing the information coming through from the subconscious. In fact the tiny movement comes through to the fingertips and the pendulum is used to amplify the movement and make it clearly visible.
In SRT we ask for an up and down movement for "yes" and a side to side movement for "no" answers, much like the nod or shake of the head for the same responses. Since our emotions can influence the results of dowsing, It is extremely important to remain unattached to the outcome and as SRT practitioners we are very careful to maintain a neutral position so that we get correct answers.
Scientific studies reveal that the brainwaves of dowsers and the balance in both hemispheres of their brains are extremely similar to eastern yogis or those who have practised meditation for many years. It is a process of bringing the intellect into line with the inner guidance or link to the Divine, called by some Higher Self.
"Dowsing is a gateway to the intuition, bridging the gap between the mind and spirit."


In addition to using simple yes/no responses, SRT practitioners use a series of charts created by Robert Detzler. There are numerous charts which we use to enable us to access the mass of information which is held in your Akashic Records and using specific processes we are able to clear discordant negative energies.

Akashic records

The Akashic Records contain everything the soul (spiritual body/living soul) has experienced from the instant of its creation at the Godhead level until the present moment and beyond. That is to say, every thought, word and deed. These thoughts, words and deeds all remain intact within your Akashic Records and only the negative energies attaching to them are removed. These negative energies are deeply lodged in your subconscious mind and in large measure are responsible for the way you react to situations today. Their removal, therefore, allows you to move forward unencumbered by the past and truly to see and feel things in a different way.

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