It’s a normal part of the female aging process: gravity eventually takes its course and starts pulling boobs downward. Most people think the only option out there is to undergo extensive surgery, but that’s not the case! These six simple yoga moves will help to lift and firm up your breasts in no time.

Virabhadrasana 2 (Warrior 2)

This position strengthens and tightens your chest muscles. It is also beneficial for people with back problems, helps digestion, and boosts concentration and balance. To achieve maximum effect, the exercise should be repeated 7-10 times.

1. Stand in a wide side lunge position.
2. Turn your right foot 90 degrees outward.
3. Inhale and raise your arms to shoulder height.
4. Sink your body forward, bending your right knee, but keeping your hips even.
5. Now slowly turn your head towards your right hand.
6. Complete 4-5 breath cycles (inhale-exhale) in this position.
7. Lift out of the position, bringing the right foot together with the left and slowly lowering your arms.
8. Repeat, this time turning your left foot and bending your left knee.

Trikonsana (Triangle pose)

This position not only tightens your breasts, it also strengthens the muscles in your thighs and improves hip and neck flexibility.

1. Begin in an upright position with your hands together in front of your chest. Jump outwards, straddling your legs as wide as is comfortable and holding your arms outstretched, parallel to the ground. Your feet should be parallel to one another.
2. Turn your right foot 90 degrees away from your center.
3. Stretch your right arm upwards, leaving the left arm outstretched.
4. Bend sideways until your right arm comes into contact with your right shin.
5. Your left arm will be stretched straight up into the air.
6. Turn your head towards your left thumb.
7. Bring yourself to an upright position using your left arm and return your feet to a parallel position.
8. Place your hands lightly on your hips.
9. Repeat on your left side.

Bhujangasana (Cobra)

This position will stretch your stomach, shoulders, lungs, and chest. It will also tighten your rear!

1. Begin lying flat on your stomach with your forehead on the mat. Your feet should be hip-distance apart and your toes should be pressed into the mat.
2. Place your hands on the mat so they are shoulder-width apart at the height of your neck. Make sure your fingertips are facing forward.
3. Lift your body slowly by pressing your hands into the mat, leaving your arms slightly bent.
4. Drop your shoulders down away from your ears.
5. Your back should be relaxed and your stomach should be engaged.
6. Lengthen your neck and thereby your spine by shifting your gaze slightly upwards.
7. Practice deep breathing to open your chest.
8. On an exhale, release your body and return to lying flat on the mat.

Dhanurasana (Bow pose)

If you don’t just want to improve your chest, but also your stomach, legs, and rear, you should try this exercise. Repeat 2-3 times.

1. Lie flat on your stomach with your forehead on the mat. Your feet should be hip-width apart and your toes should press lightly into the mat.
2. Raise your legs up by bending at the knees and reach back with your hands to grab your feet.
3. Take a deep inhale and exhale to maintain even tension in your stomach muscles.
4. Lift your body, keeping your head and neck straight.
5. Release the position and relax to your stomach.

Chakrasana (Wheel pose)

This pose is great for your circulation. It is also beneficial if you are having trouble with your digestion or posture.

1. Lie flat on your back with your legs bent, placing your feet as close to your rear as possible.
2. Place your hands next to your head shoulder-width apart.
3. Lift your hips, leaving your feet hip-distance apart.
4. Imagine an invisible thread is pulling your chest and tips upwards.
5. Try to completely stretch your arms out and hold for 30 seconds.
6. Slowly let your body release the position, stretching your arms and legs out flat.

Ustrasana (Camel pose)

This pose is great for those with circulation problems. Your pelvic floor and back are also strengthened.

1. Kneel down with your back straight.
2. Stretch your right hand behind you, grabbing hold of your right heel. Repeat with your left hand.
3. Lean back, gently bending your back and slightly opening your knees.
4. Hold this position for 30 seconds.
5. Pull yourself upright using your stomach muscles.

Each of these exercises will tighten your chest muscles, thereby making your breasts look naturally perky. Of course, you’ll need to repeat these regularly to see any difference. Considering all of the additional positive benefits these poses have for the body, it’s definitely worth trying them out.