Manufacturer Description

According to the manufacturer, Yoga-Paws are patented grips that fit over your hands and feet in order to provide the practitioner with complete control while performing yoga and Pilates exercises. The revolutionary design provides solid support, extra padding, and non-slip peace of mind, and with its convenience size, Yoga-Paws can easily fit inside your purse, pocket, or bag making them ideal for travel- no mat required!

Expert Review

The purpose of Yoga-Paws is to provide yoga and Pilates practitioners with more control and stability when performing Pilates exercises and yoga postures. These portable hand and foot coverings provide additional cushioning along with a non-skid surface to enhance one’s practice, ensuring both comfort and safety.

To evaluate the effectiveness of this product, the Yoga-Paws were worn during a heated vinyasa style yoga class. The hand and foot covers were relatively easy to slip on before class, and overall were a very comfortable fit, as the product is available in different sizes, and sizing information is provided on the company’s website to help individual’s identify the correct size glove.

The Yoga-Paws absorbed the sweat relatively quickly, and allowed for seamless transitions from one posture to another when moving through Sun Salutations given the fact that the hands and feet are providing the direct gripping on the mat, versus a towel option which many individual’s opt for in a heated yoga class, which can easily bunch when flowing from one posture to the next.

Certain postures, however, such as gorilla pose and runner’s lunge were somewhat challenging to move into, as the non-slip grip of the hand and foot covers made it difficult to slide the palms underneath the feet (in gorilla pose) and to toe heel the foot out (to move into runner’s lunge). Also because of the extra cushioning and padding the grips provide, the tactile aspect of truly “feeling” some of the postures, such as prayer twist (pressing palms together) and mountain pose (rooting feet firmly into the ground) was lacking.

Overall, using the Yoga-Paws did provide an enjoyable experience for practicing yoga in a heated environment, where sweating and subsequent slipping during and between postures often occurs. The foot and hand coverings provide great grip and support whether used with or without a mat.

Bottom line- If you find yourself slipping when performing yoga postures or Pilates exercises due to excessive sweating, Yoga-Paws can serve as a great solution. They small, portable nature of this product also makes it a great option for yogis and yoginis who are constantly on the go, who may not be able to tote a mat with them on their travels.