Northwest: If you are looking to get a promotion or advance in your career, then the Northwest sector will benefit you most this month. Work on your career goals from the Northwest and you

will see a boost in your chances of achieving your goals. Couples who are trying to conceive should also take advantage of the Northwest and sleep here this month.

North: Legal issues may crop up if you work out of this sector this month. Ensure to review all legal documents and agreements carefully before signing if your desk is located in the North. If you can, delay until next month. People sleeping in this sector will notice that they are slightly more emotional this month.

West: This is the best sector for people who want to excel in their academic pursuits and for students preparing for exams.

Southeast: The Southeast sector will be very beneficial for all those who rely on their ability to speak and present in front of others. Business opportunities will present themselves for those who are working out of this sector. Marketing, PR, branding and sales activities will benefit as well. Romantically speaking, the Southeast will boost your chances of meeting the right person and couples will see a more harmonious relationship when sleeping in the Southeast this month.

East: Misunderstandings and disagreements may occur here for no good reason, so be careful how you communication with people if you are working in the East this month.

South: The South sector will likely bring arguments and disagreements this month so it would be best not to sleep here (for married couples) or work in this area. It is also a less than beneficial area for elderly people since the risk of injury is quite high here this month.

Southwest: The wealth sector of the month may bring with it an increase in business opportunities, but on the downside, people working here will feel a lack of focus. Concentrate on what you are doing and don’t let others distract you when working on important business deals in the Southwest this month.

Northeast: Probably the worst sector of the month, the Northeast carries the risk of health issues, especially for elderly people, young children and pregnant women. Avoid sleeping here if you can.

As always remember - sectors or areas of your home are activated either by activity, physical presence or a Water feature. In order to deactivate or neutralize a sector with negative monthly energies, just use this room/area less and do not conduct any important or noisy activities in this room.